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The terms and conditions of the website.
Welcome to the web sites of the doctor salts Ltd. Thailand (web site), please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this website.
This website was created to serve as a guide and does not refer to health content in any way. The offer is intended for educational purposes only. The above information is not intended to replace the advice and supervision of a physician or healthcare services in any way.
Its salts Dr. limited to just allow you access this website and use it for themselves. It does not include downloads (not to cache data on each page (page caching)) to resolve all or part of this Website. In addition, the consent in writing of salts Doctor Ltd. This license does not include authorization for use in sales (resale) or use of this site or the content of the web site for commercial purposes.
The action is not allowed in special cases. Are as follows:
• collection or use of information, listings, descriptions, or prices of products. As well as any other items that appear on the Website;
• The use of this website or the website for a copy;
• downloading or copying of account information;
• drilling data, or the use of tools, equipment, robotics program similar to gather or extract data.
All parts of this site may not be reproduced, copied, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any visitor to trade without the express written consent from us.
You will not frame (frame), or use the frame timing (framing) to enclose any trademark. And a modified logo or any other information that are owned (including images, text, page layout, or form) of salts doctors limit without the consent in writing, you will not use meta tags. the (meta tags) or conceals any leverage. Name or trademark of Doctor Limited salts and modified without the express written consent of salts doctors limit.
He has been granted limited, revocable, and not a privilege, specifically to create a link hyperlink (Hyper link) to welcome (welcome page) of salts Dr. limited as long as the link. the Company does not represent the salts Doctor limited or its affiliates, or their products or services of the Company, false. Misleading or in a derogatory way. Or is hateful to you, do not use the company logo salts doctor or limited ownership of any image. Or trademark as part of the link. Without the express written consent from us.
The practice of using
You will not use the Website in any way. This will cause or is likely to cause interference, damage or defects to the website to access the Website in any way.
You understand that You are solely responsible for communication. The electrode screen and all the content you send from your computer to us and you will use the Website for lawful purposes only.
If you publish (post) on any web site or content on a personal computer to the Internet (upload) any person to make sure the content. It is not illegal, obscene, threatening, insulting, disparaging privacy. Infringement of intellectual property rights Or to any other cause damage. To third parties Or are offensive or not the packaging or less than a software virus. Political Campaign Diverting massive amounts of commercial mail chain letter. Or spam, Electronics any form whatsoever.
Whether or harassment in any form on the website. The Mail's Electronics. Or talking Or obscene language Or insulting is strictly prohibited. Forging to be someone else Including employees salts Dr. A. Times Design Co., Ltd. and the host (host), representatives or other members or visitors of the website is strictly prohibited. You will not enter information from personal computers to the public any (upload) to distribute or publish information on the Web site content on libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, or violate privacy rights. Publishing, insulting, illegal, offensive, or support the cause crime, violating the rights of any person. Or cause liability or otherwise violate any laws or advertising products that do not involve its salts Doctor Ltd. will not enter information from personal computers to the public (upload) content commercial web site. or use the web site to solicit others to join or become members of online services (online) trade organization or any company associated with smelling salts doctors limit.
intellectual property
All content included on this website. Including but not limited to, Text, design, photos, interactive interface. (Interface), trademarks, selection and preparation, are copyrighted and are the property of salts Dr. A. Times Design Co., Ltd. and its licensors.
All other trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, all languages, all right, all the above is reserved for companies salts Dr. A. Times Limited and are allowed only limited design.
The participation of the user.
The use of this website may be allowed to post (post) test, review, comments and other content, to communicate, and to offer suggestions, ideas, comments, or other information, however. we reserve the right to review all the information, or delete or edit any content. Unlawful or defamatory Or any negative effect on the organization and society.
If post (post) contents or information, and you have to show that.
  1) you own or otherwise control all the rights to the content or information you post (post).
  2) the content and the information is correct.
  3) the use of information or content that does not violate any laws. And will not cause injury to any person (including the content and the information is not defamatory).
You have the right to design the Times Company Limited and its salts doctors limit on the right to a perpetual, irrevocable, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, and display. Content and information anywhere in the world through any medium. (Whether known now and innovate for the future. ) And the right to use the name you provide in respect of the content.
Any content or information that you transmit, input data from a personal computer to the Internet (upload), or post (post) on this website. Should not be treated as confidential and were holding the owner can make a copy. , Disclose, distribute, incorporate, and Communications and all data, images, audio, text, and other things together on the site so that any Whether or trade. non-Commercial
Error on printing.
If the price of the goods or services of the company limited the doctors salts listed by the incorrect price due to typographical errors. The error rate of the data. Have the right to refuse or cancel any order to buy goods or services that the company posted an inhaler Doctor Ltd. has the right to refuse or cancel any order, whether that order. It has been confirmed and your credit card has already been eliminated or not. If your credit card has been debited for the purchase and your order is canceled, its salts Doctor Ltd. will issue a credit to your credit card account equal to the price that such errors.
Link (link) to a third party.
This website may contain links (hyperlink) to websites of other companies, salts Doctor Limited and The Times Design Limited is the administrative link (hyperlink) to the website, then. Are included for convenience only. You have to take risks in the use and access to websites that are linked to your own company salts Doctor Limited and The Times Design Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the content of your web site, they will not. responsible for any loss or damage caused by accessing the web site. All links are not considered And will not be considered as a tacit endorsement. Or approved any content or reliability of the web site or the activities of people, organizations, and / or business responsible for those sites.
The Company reserves the right to limit salts doctor to make links or frames of this website is not available. And disclaims any content contained in the website more accessible to this web site or from this website.
The disclaimer
This website and the information, services, and its Web site, including, but not limited to, text, images, products, news, articles, and links. It is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. To fully extend the consent of the relevant laws salts doctor refuses limited warranty, whether express or implied. Including but not limited to. To guarantee the quality, capacity, trade, and OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-breaker, a free computer virus or encryption hope other evil, and to guarantee that the management practices and guidelines. Action
Its salts doctors confirmed that limited information in this web site are appropriate or available for use in other locations. Outside the territory of the country where these contents are illegal is strictly forbidden. If you choose to access this Site from outside the United States. He is starting to act on their own and are responsible for compliance with applicable laws. Of local self
Under the relevant law To be allowed to cover the content of all salts Doctor Ltd. will not be responsible. The lack of profitability, value, money in the future, by the way, indirectly, by the special, punitive, by inadvertence, warnings. Or impact, damage, or damage to any other. Whether by contract, negligence, or by assuming other, arising directly or relating to the use, inability to use, the efficiency of information, services, and what they are. in this site
You agree that salts Doctor Ltd. will not be liable for any claims or losses of any kind will happen, however. This is the result of (Directly or indirectly) or relating to the use of this website. Overall, without limitation, claims, damages or losses resulting from the trust or any content contained in this website.
Governing Law
The agreement, and the use of this website in any case. Under the laws of the country and are not subject to the agreement of the UN contract. Due to international sales You will need to be brought under the jurisdiction of the United States. It can not be changed
Privacy Policy
Terms privacy rights may be changed from time to time. The changes are listed on this page. Use of this site after changes have been notified to it. Will showcase the terms of the agreement privacy rights are resolved. Includes all changes that
1. Your information will be included by Dr. limit salts may include the following information:.
       A) any information you enter on the website or give us in any way. (Including the letter Electronics).
       B) specification of some kind that happens when you make contact with this site. For example, a "cookie" (cookies) are.
            Use of this website and its salts doctors have limited specific information on certain types of Web browsers.
             (Web browser), your access to this website as well. Cookies (cookies) may be stored on the hard drive (hard dive) in.
             Your computer Through a web browser (web browser) to make computer systems.
             Remember Search, characteristics, and other information.
       C) IP Address (IP Address), geographic location, preferences of a user, and your current address.
            Our website
2. Do you agree that we may collect such information about you. You agree that the Company and salts Doctor Limited may disclose such information to a third party other.
3. Salts doctor may limit account or personal information when we believe release is appropriate to express such. In order to comply with the law, enforce or apply the terms of this or any other contract. Or to protect the rights, property, or safety of salts doctors limit, users, and others.
4. Web Site may contain links to external Web sites. The data protection and privacy may differ from those set forth in this website. We are not responsible for the content Or about the privacy practices of those sites. And we encourage you to study the privacy notice on those sites.
5. Privacy Policy and the use of this website in any case. Under the laws of the country and must be brought under the jurisdiction of any country can not be changed.